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Black and White Portrait Photography Los Angeles

Black and white photography is a passion of mine. I grew up in a darkroom, hand processing Tri-X film and printing the resulting negatives onto Oriental #3 paper. This is perhaps why I am always drawn to black and white portrait photography, despite being known as a color expert. This image of model Amanda Harris is a wonderful illustration of how B&W processing can elevate the elegance of an image. In its original form, this image contains orange, green, red, blue, black and pink. While the colors are fun, they do not complement each other, and they distract from the mood of the portrait. This model has stunning bone structure, which I wanted to enhance with continuous light sources. For this image, I have a continuous light in the front as well as a second light behind her. The end result is similar to the hot light photos created in the early 1920s and 1930s by the great Hollywood photographers. Warm-tone B&W gives portrait photographs a more elegant look than non-toned B&W or images that are simply desaturated in Lightroom. Photographed in Los Angeles, California.