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Model Photographer Los Angeles

As a model photographer in Los Angeles, I am always on the lookout for elegant bone structure coupled with a great attitude. Model Alexandra Mathews is a well-known model and actress, so I was delighted when I had the change to photograph her. Some models have an innate ability to communicate well with their eyes, and Alexandra is a great example of this. You can literally ask her to give you any expression or mood, and she will immediately throw that look. This headpiece was created by the talented Sylva Welch at Bubbles and Frown Haberdashery. I love the combination of purple against green, so I took care to position Alexandra against a translucent green and yellow painted window. A light shining through the window added a spot of amber glow to the composition, which focused on Alexandra's face and hands. Her piercing gaze helps make this image truly shine. Her exquisite bone structure was lit with continuous light sources, which helped create a beautiful shadow on the right side of her face. Model photograph taken in Downtown Los Angeles, California.