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Indian Bride in Doli Beverly Hilton Wedding Photographer

A doli is used to carry an Indian bride into a ceremony, or from a ceremony to the groom's house (or their departure vehicle). When used at the beginning of an Indian ceremony, the bride is usually carried in by friends, and then exits the doli before she walks down the aisle. In Bollywood films, the bride often looks sad or tearful, as the storylines often center around someone being forced to marry someone they don't know or love. I seem to recall that Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan is often the jilted lover, standing in the wings, looking sad that his love will soon marry someone else. When a doli is used after a Indian wedding ceremony, it usually carries the bride either to the departure vehicle (car or carriage), or to the groom's house (if close by). For this image, taken at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, the bride is crying, as she is symbolically leaving her family and joining another family. While she of course sees her family all the time, in times past, the bride would actually leave her family and might not see them again. So the symbolism behind her departure sometimes brings up a lot of emotion in her and her family. Sikh and South Indian wedding photographed at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.