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Sikh Wedding Photographer Orange County

Sikh weddings usually take place in Gurwaras, but every so often, a couple will have the Sikh holy book, or Guru Granth Sahib, brought to their ceremony site. This Sikh wedding took place at the Huntington Beach Hyatt. As with all Sikh weddings, the ceremony needed to be finished before noon, so the baraat took place early in the morning, and the ceremony took place shortly after. The ballroom was transformed into a Sikh ceremony area by placing white sheets all over the floor. Guests and relatives were then invited to take off their shoes, cover their heads, and make their way into the ceremony area. Sikhs never turn their backs on their holy book, so when I photograph Sikh weddings, I always work hard to be respectful and to not turn my back on the book. It's actually really challenging to photograph a wedding without ever turning your back on the front part of the ceremony area, but my second photographer and I have become very good at it. We are always happy when guests compliment us on how hard we worked to respect their customs and holy book. I love shooting all the many different types of Indian weddings that this beautiful country has to offer. And of course, I love when a bride sneaks a smile at her groom during a ceremony. Sikh wedding photographed at the Huntington Beach Hyatt in Huntington Beach, California.