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Destination Wedding Photographers Tulum Mexico Photographers

I love shooting glamorous portraits, but I also enjoy capturing moments as they happen, especially when those moments are unexpected. This photograph was taken in the city of Tulum, which is about an hour south of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, on the Riviera Maya. The bride and groom had a charming wedding at the Blue Tulum Resort and Spa, and we created some beautiful portraits on their actual wedding day. But I just loved shooting their day-after session in the small city of Tulum. We took a guerilla approach, driving around, hopping out of the car, walking, hopping back into the car, asking permission where it was appropriate to do so, and using color and texture with reckless abandon when we knew we weren't infringing on anyone's private property. For this photograph, I say the bride and groom down to make use of the blue wall, and three little kids ran up and sat down next to the, climbing all over each other and mugging for the camera. The bride and groom burst out laughing, and I caught this priceless photograph. This bride loves photos more than anything, and she was truly delighted. Destination wedding photographed at the Blue Tulum Resort in Tulum, Mexico.