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Gay Wedding Photographer Ireland Knappogue Castle

When you have the honor of photographing gay weddings or same-sex weddings, you also sometimes have the honor of experiencing a series of firsts. This couple's wedding, which took place in County Clare, Ireland, was the first same-sex wedding at Knappogue Castle. Weddings in the British Isles must take place within a site featuring four walls and roof. So for this wedding, the grooms showed me the dark interior room that would serve as their ceremony site. I immediately asked why we couldn't do the ceremony out in the beautiful gardens, and the castle coordinator mentioned that they'd never done that, due to the laws surrounding weddings. She then thought it through and realized that since the couple had already gotten married in the US, and that this wedding was just an adventure, the gardens would be perfect. So my complaints about the dark interior ceremony room resulted in the castle's first-ever wedding in its beautiful outside gardens. This couple's wedding was so touching that I cried midway through. Midway through their same-sex wedding ceremony, they signed all the paperwork that they needed to sign to be able to take care of one another in the future. It seemed so crazy that they would have to sign paperwork to be able to care for one another, but US law required it. I loved shooting this gay wedding so much, and consider myself lucky to have been chosen as their photographer. I consider both of these great guys friends now. Gay wedding photographed at Knappogue Castle, County Clare, Ireland.