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Korean Wedding Photographer Los Angeles Bridesmaids at Trump Resort

I love shooting Korean weddings and Paebaek ceremonies. I also love with bridesmaids wear super stylish dresses. For this Korean wedding photograph, which took place at Trump Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, the bridemaids were asked to arrange themselves behind the seated bride. They then started laughing, and the end result is a lovely photo of a bride and her bridesmaids truly enjoying a wedding day. I love the style and color of these bridesmaids dresses. The mid-tone purple looked spectacular during the oceanfront ceremony, and the color served to offset the bride and made her the true center of attention. The wedding reception featured a traditional Paebaek ceremony, which involves the bride and groom wearing traditional Korean outfits and then honoring their parents with tea. The parents then throw dates and chestnuts, which the bride catches in a cloth. The dates and chestnuts represent the boys and girls the parents hope the couple will have. Paebaek ceremonies are so colorful and fun, and the guests just love them. Korean wedding photographed at Trump Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes.