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Reem Acra Wedding Dress Brand Library Melkite Photographer

This Jordanian Melkite bride's Reem Acra dress was beautifully back-lit by sun shining behind her at the Brand Library in Glendale. I love the interplay of shadow and light, and the small highlights on her cheek, forehead and nose. When I first began pursuing wedding photography, an experienced photographer told me that to be good, I needed to learn how to see light. Sounds easy enough, but learning to see light takes years. Light itself takes many forms, and knowing how to control light enables a photographer to control any situation, rather than having the situation control them. I always bring a variety of lighting equipment to the weddings I shoot, and am happy that if it rains, or the ceremony is pushed to after dark, I can still create beautifully lit images for my clients. Jordanian wedding photographed at St. Anne Melkite Catholic Church, the Brand Library and the Glendale Convention Center.