Inked Magazine Features Andrena Photography and Dina Douglass in Pinup Issue

I loved photographing Rubylee Riot for Inked Magazine‘s pinup issue. The editors asked me to photograph Rubylee at Madeline’s Bar in Costa Mesa, where she bartends a few nights per week. Inked asked me to make sure I shot Rubylee behind the bar rather than sitting on it, so we took photos of her making martinis, serving up drinks and showing off her fabulous wardrobe. I was assisted by the fabulous Joe and Mirta Barnet at Barnet Photography, who offered up their home to me the night before so I would have to drive down at 4 a.m., and who also joined me on the shoot with a car full of extra gear. I love Joe and Mirta. Rubylee was so delightful to work with, and the team at Inked Magazine couldn’t have been nicer. My friend Robert Alvarado did the beautiful cover image.

Inked_Jfeb16_Master_sh NEW.indd


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