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St. Regis Wedding – Rusha & Vindeep

Rusha and Vindeep got married on a foggy day at the beautiful St. Regis in Monarch Beach, California. I was so delighted when Rusha asked me to shoot her wedding, as I also shot her older sister Rena’s wedding to Ajay at the Montage. I thus already knew her lovely family, and was so happy to see and work with them again. Rusha and Rena are two of the closest sisters you could imagine, and they always give each other adorable Eskimo kisses. (Rena and Ajay also now have a darling little baby daughter, so it was fun to see how their lives had changed.) The girls’ mother was as adorable as ever, crying tears of sorrow and joy at her last daughter getting married. She is just the sweetest thing, and watching her feel so much emotion over the marriages of her beautiful daughters has been wonderful.

The day started off with the usual getting ready preparations, followed by portraits, then a baraat and lovely outdoor ceremony on the St. Regis Grand Lawn. I was super happy to be able to convince the entire wedding party to arrange themselves on the mosaic tile of the St. Regis rotunda for a super-cool bridal party image. The reception ballroom was decked out in a palette of blue and white, and Rusha’s reception outfit was actually a beautiful white wedding dress, which fit the evening’s color scheme perfectly. The wedding itself was coordinated by the lovely Seema Shah from Elegant Events by Nutan. Rusha tapped the talented Fayaz at Bloom Box Designs to handle her florals and decor, and he did a wonderful job (as always). The talented and beautiful Jeannie Jeffries and Star Whitaker from Couture Beauty Team handled hair and makeup, while videography was provided by Lin & Jirsa. And the awesome Ajay Manaktala at Special Occasions L.A.  provided DJ artistry and lighting.

07.22.14 - 11:33 am

Amanda - Stunning photography, gorgeous couple, beautiful wedding!! Well done, as always!

07.22.14 - 11:34 am

Allegra - stunning as always! You can really feel the love and excitement!

07.22.14 - 11:36 am

Dina - Thanks so much, Miss Amanda and Miss Allegra. :) You are both so talented, so your kind words mean a lot.

07.22.14 - 11:41 am

Leslie - This is such a gorgeous set of images. The decor, the moments, the colors, and an absolutely beautiful couple – all so amazingly captured. Your incredible talent will never cease to amaze me!

07.22.14 - 11:41 am

Danielle - Pure eye candy! Love the emotion and great use of light and color in every image.

07.22.14 - 11:49 am

Dina - Thanks so much, Leslie and Danielle! This couple was so much fun, and I just love all their friends, too. This wedding was a pleasure to shoot, so I’m really glad you like the images. :)

07.22.14 - 11:54 am

Kathy Rappaport - What a gorgeous event – spectacular photography and of course a beautiful couple. Every photograph is more lovely than the next.

07.22.14 - 11:56 am

Tamera - What a beautiful couple and a magnificent wedding! Great work, Dina! You captured it all so perfectly!

07.22.14 - 11:59 am

Dina - Thanks, Kathy and Tamera!!! You guys are the best. <3

07.22.14 - 12:08 pm

Rebecca Little - Oh my, these are gorgeous. The colors are amazing; so different from our ‘traditional” weddings. And the bride is beautiful!

07.22.14 - 12:13 pm

Dina - Thanks so much, Rebecca! I know Rusha and Vindeep will love reading all these wonderful words.

07.22.14 - 12:18 pm

Natalie Licini - What a beautiful bride! Absolutely gorgeous work Dina. What a spectacular and elegant wedding. Stunning!

07.22.14 - 12:20 pm

Desiree - Gorgeous, Dina! Amazing colors and beautiful wedding!

07.22.14 - 12:33 pm

Dina - Thanks, Miss Desiree and Miss Natalie. :)

07.22.14 - 4:45 pm

Tara Welch - So totally epic! Beautiful! Seriously!

07.22.14 - 8:37 pm

Crissy Everhart - Beautiful images, Dina. Your work is always so vibrant and stunning.

Fashion Photography Los Angeles — A Shoot with Laura New Myers

I love doing fashion photography, and love these shoots even more when I have the opportunity to work with a great model. I photographed beautiful model Laura New Myers a few months back, but I am just now getting around to blogging a few portraits from our fashion shoot. Laura is just so talented, and has bone structure for days. She is also just incredible to work with. I recently did another shoot with her that came out beautifully, so I hope to share those images soon.

06.14.14 - 1:04 am

Child Photographer Denver - I like the intensity of the colours. Great models as well. Good job!

Century Plaza Wedding – Eli & Charleen

Eli and Charleen had a beautiful Persian wedding at the Century Plaza Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. The wonderful thing about Persian weddings is the full-on love. Cat-calls, fantastic dancing and non-stop hugs all seem to be hallmarks of the traditional Persian affair, and this couple’s respective families were just so sweet and attentive to everyone (from guests on through the people working the event). A ketubah signing preceded the event, and was filled with more joy than one can usually fit into a small hotel meeting room. Both Eli and Charleen are non-stop smilers, and their warm personalities infused the entire day with an extra measure of joy. But of course, extra joy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. The chuppah was adorned with white orchids and other hanging florals, which created a beautiful canopy for the couple to stand under during the ceremony. An elevated white runway created a pathway from the entrance to the chuppah, and when it was lit up with spotlights, it created a stylish ambiance to this after-dark outdoor ceremony. Dinner was served just after midnight because with hours and hours of dancing, and an incredible live band, who had time to stop and eat? The cake and confetti took place at more like 2 a.m., but as you can see from the images below, this crowd was still going strong in the wee small hours, with not one smile showing a hint of dimming. With coordination, florals and decor by Kevin Lee at L.A. Premier.

07.04.14 - 6:48 am

Denver Wedding Photography - The purple lights is pretty… Beautiful frame!

Dana Powers House Wedding – Kevin & Katie – Nipomo, California

The Dana Powers House and Barn (Dana Powers House)  is one of the most charming locations I’ve ever had the privilege of working at. Every inch of the property was so lovingly cared for, and there were surprises around every corner.  The drive to Nipomo (just south of Pismo Beach) took a while, but Highway 1 is just so beautiful that we didn’t mind one bit. We also stopped in Solvang along the way, because what’s a drive north without a pastry in Solvang?:)

I first met talented musician Kevin Earnest at one of his shows. A friend dragged me along to see him perform, and I was so awestruck by his talent that I offered to shoot some portraits for him. During that shoot, I found that he was engaged to the lovely Katie, and I found them both to be so humble and kind that I was absolutely delighted when they tapped me to do their wedding. Katie is one of eight children, and her loving family were so supportive and kind throughout the day. Kevin’s parents and sister (and her family) were also just the warmest people. One of the sweetest moments of the wedding was when Kevin surprised Katie by singing a song he had written for her. Katie cried throughout, and all the guests just loved the performance.

Kevin ended the night by hugging me and telling me I was “family for life,” which is one of the nicest end-of-wedding compliments I think I’ve ever received.

If you’d like to check out some of Kevin’s music, be sure to visit his web site at Kevin Earnest. My personal fave? A Hummingbird’s Song. By the way, you can listen to all the songs on his first album free on his web site. Be sure to give this talented singer/songwriter a listen, and if you’re so inclined, check out some of his shows in Los Angeles before he takes over the world (as I fully expect he will). His web site also features just some of the many portraits that I’ve now created for Kevin. I hope you enjoy them, and that you enjoy these images from their beautiful Dana Powers House wedding.:)

02.26.14 - 12:46 pm

Judi Powers - Thank you Dina for the pictures! It was lovely to meet you and these pictures are so great. Kevin and Katie were such a sweet couple. Aren’t we lucky to get to be a part of such amazing occasions!

02.28.14 - 1:12 am

Stacy Squires Photography - these photos are just beautiful

02.28.14 - 1:12 am

Rhea Jackson - Amazing photography! Really liked your work.From first to last photograph you beautifully covered the wedding story.

04.14.14 - 8:34 pm

Denver Photographer - I love all the colors here! Your shots are amazing!

04.14.14 - 8:38 pm

Dina - Thanks so much, Dave! And Rhea and Stacy and Judy!!! :)

04.15.14 - 8:28 am

K. Morgan - Very beautiful! Perfect angles. The place is amazing! nice job!

04.23.14 - 7:45 pm

Denver Fashion Photographer - Absolutely beautiful images, and my lord I would die to shoot there. What a charming location!


St. Regis Wedding

I always love shooting St. Regis weddings, and this three-day affair was no exception. The event started out with a tiki-themed mendhi and sangeet on the St. Regis lower lawn. Hulu girls greeted guests with flower leis, and guests enjoyed multiple performances by Polynesian dancers. The always creative Sonia Sharma handled design and coordination, using vintage surfboards and mini grass huts to pull together the first night’s event theme. The second day was filled with private prayer ceremonies for each family, which served as a prelude to the opulent wedding and reception the next day. I always love working with Tai the Elephant (from Have Trunk Will Travel), and she once again shared her sweet personality at this wedding’s baraat (or entrance of the groom). The wedding decor itself was a stunning explosion of red, which popped beautifully against the beautiful St. Regis Grand Lawn.

A live band provided music during the cocktail party, which took place on the St. Regis Pacific Lawn. I thought the turquoise-covered tables provided a beautiful jolt of color against the Pacific Lawn. The reception took place in the Pacific Ballroom, which Sonia and Dahlia at Capri Flowers decked out in silvers, lavenders and purples. Guests thrilled to a series of incredible Brazilian dance performances, and later enjoyed hand-rolled cigars on the patio adjacent to the ballroom. With coordination by Sonia Sharma Events, florals by Capri Flowers, videography by Impressive Creations, lighting by Amber Event Productions, Brazilian dance performances by Hot Pepper Entertainment, DJ artistry by Sound Nation, and hair and makeup by Oscar Naranjo. This wedding was featured in the Fall edition of South Asian Bride Magazine.

11.12.13 - 9:08 pm

Amy - This has left me dying to see more of the wedding! Wow!!!!

11.12.13 - 10:40 pm

Tamera - Dina — simply gorgeous!

11.12.13 - 10:46 pm

Dina - Thanks so much, Amy and Tamera. :)

01.18.14 - 12:01 pm

Adam George - Beautiful work, as always, Dina!

01.23.14 - 1:36 pm

Denver Band Photographer - So Much color. Man I love the headresses!

02.28.14 - 1:13 am

Stacy Squires Photography - wow … amazing

04.14.14 - 8:35 pm

Denver Photographer - Indian weddings are so amazing. Such great colors to work with. This looks like so much fun. Great work!

Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel Wedding

A wedding at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel. Decor by Shawna Yamamoto. Coordination by Yogi Patel at Sheer Romance.

11.12.13 - 8:58 pm

Natalie - Absolutely magnificent and opulent wedding. If I ever get married or renew my vows I’m booking the St Regis and YOU for my photography. These photos are stunning!

12.04.13 - 3:37 pm

Pixil Studio - wow great wedding I love the henna